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Our Story


Meet Alberto Ferrara the man that started it all, the heart beat of the bakery. Alberto Grew up in a small town in Italy and immigrated to Canada October 19,1966 at the age of 13 years old. Alberto always had a passion for baking. In 1970 Alberto started working at the City Bakery which was located in Bridgeland. He work at City Bakery for 7 years. In 1977 he returned back to Italy and studied the trade of baking and pastry arts. In 1978 Alberto returned back to Canada and bought the Benny’s Bakery at the age of 25 years old. The bakery used to be located on Edmonton Trail and 8th Avenue North East. In 1989, bakery was expanding and he needed to find a bigger location. Which has brought us to today, we are now situated in the McCall Lake Industrial park. The bakery now runs 24 hour a day to ensure we meet our customers needs.

After 45 years of hard work you can still find Alberto in the bakery working side by side with his employees, smiling and very proud of what he has accomplished.


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