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Our Products

Benny's Bakery is a Specially Bakery, If the product you are looking for is not listed below please contact us and we will be happy to bake it for you. We are always open to new ideas and products that you wish to have made.

We deliver fresh product Tuesday to Saturday with limited stops on Monday,

please contact the office for delivery schedule.

For Sales inquires please contact our office at 403-250-9874 

White Bread: - Sandwich Bread or Toast Bread    

White Double Bread

Brown Bread: Sandwich Bread or Toast Bread

Brown Double

Grain Double - With 12 grain topping

Steakhouse Bread:

Small White

Small Brown

Small Grain - With 12 grain topping

All bread Loaves Available in

1/2 cut. 5/8 cut, 3/4 cut, 1" cut or horizontal cut.

European Bread: 

Light Rye

100% Marlbe Rye

Marble Square

Round Rye

Dark Rye

French Long

Pesto Bread

Sour Bread

Focaccia 16X24 ( Herb) 

Round Focaccia 8" ( Herb)

Calabrese Loaf

Vienna Buns:

8" Vienna White or Brown

12" Vienna White or Brown

Onion Vienna

Grain Vienna

Sub Buns:

8" White or Brown

10" White or Brown

12" White or Brown

Hot Dog Buns: - Top Cut or Side Cut

3" Hot dog Buns

6" Hot Dog Buns

Brown Hot dog Buns


Pizza Shells:

8" Pizza Shells

12" Pizza Shells

16X24 Pizza Slab


Cocktail Buns:

White Cocktail Buns

Brown Cocktail Buns

Seeded Cocktail Buns

Dinner Buns: 

Gourmet buns - Mixed - Perfect for Banquets

Oval Buns

Twist Buns

Brown Buns

Grain Buns

Italian Subs

White Pan Bun - Sticky Buns

Brown Pan Bun - Sticky Buns

Cocktail Buns

Small Kaisers

White Cornetti Buns

Brown Cornetti Buns

Large Calabrese Buns

Picollini Ciabatta

Tuscany Round

Ciabatta Loaves

Ciabatta Small

Sandwich Ciabatta 4X4 Square

Ciabatta 6X3

Ciabatta Grain 6X3

Tuscany Ciabatta 7" 

Focaccia Ciabatta

French Baguette:

White Baguette

Brown Baguette

Grain Baguette

Sour Baguette

Ciabatta Baguette

Hamburger Buns: 

Regular Plain & Brown 

Small Hamburger (3.5" round)

Seeded Hamburger

Ciabatta Hamburger

Mini Slider Seeded/Plain

Brioche Hamburger

Brioche Hamburger Black & White Seeds

Slider Brioche

Kaiser Buns: 

Plain & Brown

Seeded White or Brown

Onion Kaiser

Grain Kaiser

Sour Kaiser


Pretzel Buns

Pretzel Sliders

Pretzel Sticks

Pretzel Vienna

Pretzel Twist - The Original Pretzel


Soup Bowls:

Large Soup Bowls

Regular Soup Bowls

Sour Soup Bowls

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